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Thursday November 9th, 7PM
Aptos Grange
2555 Mar Vista Dr
Aptos, CA

Dena Gonsalves and Gayle Larson from will show members how to make Mosaic Garden Art.  See Mosaic Elements.

About the Board Meeting Minutes

All board meetings start at 6pm, ending between 7:30 and 8 PM. There are no Board meetings in December and February, otherwise, the meeting date is the 4th Monday in each month (note... not necessarily the LAST Monday). Our main task as a Board is to have the 7-9 PM monthly Gardeners Club meetings run smoothly.

We're somewhat informal, liking to spend time in gardens at meetings held during Daylight Savings months.  As further incentive for members to host a board meeting, we showcase their gardens in the Featured Garden section of our website.

During our meetings we try to stay on topic as much as possible, following an agenda. There should always be time to introduce new topics, but it is often necessary to put off decision making until something specific is formulated/researched and put to the Board. The general membership needs to be presented with information and have time to offer suggestions as well. Often, when the Board meeting minutes are read, there is a mention of a "discussion" on a topic, and that's a good time to have the topic brought up to the membership. Another way for issues to be brought to the attention of members is in the newsletter.

Gardeners’ Club Board meeting 9/25/2017
Hosted by Ilene Wilson

Board Members: 

(President) Cherry Thompson
(VP) Ilene Wilson
(Secretary) April Barclay
(Treasurer) Denise Rossi
(Membership) Suzanne Caron (not present)
(Hospitality) Janine Canada
(Newsletter) Lise Bixler
(Plant Table) Lupe Allen, Joanna Hall (not present)
(Plant Table) Allan Neymark, Jan Olafsson
(Refreshments) Marge Gregory
(Members at Large) Debbie Kindle

The September 25th Board meeting was held at the home of Ilene Wilson. We enjoyed seeing Ilene’s garden in a different season, and all of her lovely succulents.

Denise reported that the club made $43.45 from last month’s plant table, $55 on memberships, and that we have a total of $2286 in our bank account. We had sold 15 Tshirts at the previous meeting, and sold 8 more at this board meeting. We will offer them for sale at the check out table at the plant sale.

Our membership now stands at 109 members. As this is October, we will not be selling partial memberships, but start selling $15 memberships for 2018.

There were about people 30 attending the September meeting.

Marge reported that our refreshments are covered for November. She will be sending the names to Lise for the newsletter. Marge will be starting the planning process for the Holiday party and will be asking for volunteers for a subcommittee to assist her.

There was discussion and confirmation of the number of scholarships to be awarded next year. Marcia Meyer had requested information. Lise made the motion to award two Cabrillo College awards and two high school awards. This was seconded by Lupe.

There was discussion around planning for the upcoming plant sale. We will again set up at the front door, rejecting plastic pots. We may wear our garden hats to be recognized as board members. Debbie will help receive money at check out.

Future meetings:
   October plant exchange
   November Deena Gonzalves on mosaics
   December Holiday party
Future board meetings:
   October 23: Lise Bixler
   November 27: Debbie Kindle
   December no meeting

Our next board meeting will be October 23rd at the home of Lise Bixler in Bonny Doon, at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.